Welcome to the Vision Center
Greeting Rei

      Welcome guest! I've just finished sweeping out the exhibits and dusting off some photos. Would you like a cup of tea? REI HINO!!! Uh-oh... Would you kindly explain to me why I found Usagi tied up in the main hall closet?! Well... Tell me, or I confiscate your mangas. [Suddenly angery] It's all her fault! She was bragging about how she getting to go out with Mamoru tonight, and I just got so mad that- I don't need details. I can just imagine what happened when she got you all flared up. Flared up?! Are you implying that I can't keep my temper?! No, Rei. That's not what I meant. Then what did you mean?! [Sweatdrop] Well..I....oh look! Is that Yuuichirou I see over there? Yuuichirou?! [Runs out of the Vision Center and into the Main Lobby. She returns a few seconds later, disapointed and angery at the trick, to find Jezzibelle gone.] Grr...Just like her to pull a trick like that.
      Anyway, feel free to browse through the exhibits here. All of the pictures displayed are for the taking; Jezzibelle found most of them in "Free-to-Take" galleries on other sites. Just DO NOT DIRECT LINK to these pictures, otherwise Jezzibelle will probably send out her rabid flying Pikachus after you.
[Sweatdrop] Don't ask... Anyway, Enjoy!

For Romance Galleries, please visit
The Rose Garden


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Gallery of the Moon
Gallery of Mercury
Gallery of Mars
Gallery of Jupiter
Gallery of Venus


Gallery of Neptune
Gallery of Uranus
Gallery of Pluto
Gallery of Saturn
Gallery of the Future Moon

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