Minako Aino/Sailor Venus's

Long before the arrival of the other Sailor senshi, this blonde hair beauty was fighting crime over in England as the magnificant warrior, Sailor V. When she finally returned to Tokyo to reunite with her fellow senshi, she was no longer know as Sailor V but as the pretty solider of love, Sailor Venus!


Basic Stats:
*Name: Minako Aino
*Meaning: "Beautiful Little Child of Love"
*English Name: Mina Aino
*Element: Love
*Birthday: October 22
*Age (Season 1): 14
*Height: 5'0"
*Bloodtype: B
*Astrological Sign: Libra
*Hobbies: Relaxation, chasing idols, shopping, acting, singing, and chasing guys
*Favorite Colors: Yellow and Red
*Favorite Gemstone: Topaz
*Favorite Foods: Curry rice, ramen noodles, and stuffed dumplings
*Least Favorite Food: Shiitake mushrooms
*Favorite Subject: Physical Education
*Least Favorite Subject: Everything else
*Greatest fear: The police and her mom
*Family: Her mother and father. She is an only child
*Guardians: Artemis, her cat. Luna, Usagi's cat, to an extent.
*Dream: To become an idol

*Venus Power, Make-Up!
*Venus Star Power, Make-Up!
*Venus Crystal Power, Make-Up!
(Super Sailor Venus's tranformation)
*Moon Power!
(Uses to transform into anything, like Sailor
Moon does with her tranformation pen)

*Crescent Beam
      (English: Venus Crescent Beam Smash.)
*Crescent Beam Shower
      (English: Venus Meteor Shower. Like the Crescent Beam attack but       the beam splits into many little ones.)
*Venus Love Me Chain
      (English: Venus Love Chain Encircle. She throws a chain of hearts at       her enemy)
*Love Me Moon Chain
      (English: No name. Anime only. Used this attack when she       impersonated Sailor Moon)
*Venus Love and Beauty Shock
      (She creates hearts by blowing a kiss, and then throws a bunch of them       at her enemy)
*Rolling Heart Vibration
      (Manga Only. Similar to "Venus Love and Beauty Shock")
*Venus Wink Chain Sword
      (Manga Only. Similar to "Venus Love Me Chain")
*Crescent Boomerang
      (Manga only. Throws tiara at enemy, like Sailor Moon's "Moon Tiara       Action")


      Minako (Mina-chan) is almost Usagi's twin. She is an airhead, ditzy, and boycrazy, but is easily the friendliest and most enthusiastic of all the Inner Senshi. She also has a knack for being mischievous and butting into other people's business, but this is only because she wants to help them with their problems. She has a deep interest in show business, whether acting or singing, and will take advantage of any opportunity to be on a stage. However, despite her flaws, Minako cares deeply about her friends, family, and innocent people. As Sailor Venus, she will defend them until her strength gives out.


      Like the rest of the Inner Senshi with the exception of Ami, Mina-chan has a habit of chasing guys. Like Rei though, she doesn't seem to have much luck with catching them. She almost succeeded back in England, when she was fighting as Sailor V. His name was Alan, and when she as not fighting, Minako spent much of her time with him. Soon, she fell in love with him. But one day when she, as Sailor V, and her friend Katrina, who worked for the secret police, were investgating a warehouse, Sailor V was caught in a bomb blast. Katrina thought she was dead, but she had actually survived. Minako was going to tell them, but then she saw Alan holding and comforting a sobbing Katrina, and realized that they loved each other and only considered her a little girl. It was then that she decided to not tell them and leave England forever, never to fight as Sailor V again. Since then, Mina-chan has continued to search for her true love, and as yet, is still looking.


      On the subject of Mina-chan in England, that is where she first discovered her identity as a Sailor Senshi. Artemis, her cat guardian, found her here, and told her that she had to defend the people from the evil Danbrite, a general who worked for Kunzite, and his minions. For a year or two, she fought "in the name of the moon", and many of her attacks revolved around the moon. This is because she was supposed to act as a decoy Moon Princess until Luna had enough time to train the real one, Usagi, to be a solider (In the manga, when she first met the other senshi, she even presented herself as Princess Serenity to them!). Even though she had all this power, she still had a Tuxedo Mask type character of her own, a knight by the name of Kaito Ace. He fought alongside her, but his identity was a mystery until the very end (I will not ruin the surprise for you! ^_- To find out, visit Codename: Sailor V). After defeating Danbrite and his minions, and finding out about Alan and Katrina, Minako left England to go back to her native Japan. There she once again took up the life of a senshi, but not as Sailor V, for the memories were to painful. Instead, she took on the identity of the senshi we know her best as: Sailor Venus!


      In her past life, Mina-chan was the leader of the four Sailor Guardians that protected Princess Serenity during the Silver Millenium. In the manga, she was also the holder of the legendary Sword of the Moon that was used to protect the princess (But which Serenity used later to commit suicide). In addition to these duties, Mina-chan was also the princess of the planet Venus, and supposedly in love with Prince Endymion's head general, Kunzite, before he took the side of Queen Metallia and Queen Beryl. During their assult on the Moon Kingdom, Sailor Venus gave her life to defend those of the royal family. Fortunately, with the last of Queen Serenity's strength and the Silver Crystal, she was able to be reborn on Earth with her princess and fellow senshi.


      In the 30th century during the rule of Neo-Queen Serenity, Minako spends her days as one of the Sailor Guardians of the royal family. During the attack by Nemisis, two seperate things happened to her in the anime and manga. In the manga, she was placed under the same sleep spell that everyone was hit with, except Chibi-Usa and Diana, Chibi-Usa's guardian cat. In the anime, she and the other Inner Senshi remained awake during the attack and casted their energy to protect the sleeping queen and wounded king from the invaders. However, in both versions, Mina-chan was saved by Sailor Moon and the sailor senshi from the past, whom Chibi-Usa had gotten to help them. By combining their powers, the senshi of the past were able to defeat the demons of Nemisis and restore life in the 30th century to its original splendor.

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