Usagi and Mamoru Images

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Hippy CoupleTogether on the HoneymoonHolding each other and gazing into our eyesNeo-Queen Serenity and Prince Endymion
Falling off balcony but saved by UmbrellaPrincess and Prince dancing in the Moon KingdomTuxedo Kamen and Usagi with a roseGazing at each other with angel wings
Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen holding handsHugging in the rainSailor Moon almost kissing a dead Prince EndymionKissing after the Wedding
Another wedding kissUsagi and Mamoru dancingPainting of Sailor Moon and Tuxedo KamenGiving Endymion her locket
King Endymion holding Neo-Queen SerenityUsagi and Mamoru as KidsKssing PassionatelySerenity looking at Endymion
The Silver Crystal Appears!

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