Haruka Tenoh/Sailor Uranus's

At first glance, most would assume that Haruka Tenoh was nothing more than a handsome and aggressive boy that likes to race cars. But a closer look would tell you that Haruka Tenoh is actually a girl! Not only that, but she's the strong fighter of the heavens, Sailor Uranus!


Basic Stats:
*Name: Haruka Tenoh
*Meaning: "Distant Sky King"
*English Name: Amara Tenoh
*Element: Earth
*Birthday: January 27
*Age (Season 3): 16
*Height: 5'8"
*Bloodtype: B
*Astrological Sign: Aquarius
*Hobbies: Car and motorcycle racing, driving, track and field, playing the piano, and flirting with cute girls
*Favorite Color: Gold
*Favorite Gemstone: Amber
*Favorite Food: Salad
*Least Favorite Food: Natto (Fermented soybeans)
*Favorite Subject: Physical Education
*Least Favorite Subject: Modern Japanese
*Greatest Fears: Confessions and skirts
*Family: Only child, and her parents are never mentioned. Lives with Michiru in her mansion
*Guardians: None
*School: Mugen Gauken High School
*Dream: To be a world-class race car driver


*Uranus Planet Power, Make-Up!!
(In the anime, this is both Sailor Uranus's and
      Super Sailor Uranus's transformation.)
*Uranus Crystal Power, Make-Up!!
(Manga only. Super Sailor Uranus's transformation.)


*World Shaking
      (English: Uranus World Shaking)
*Space Sword Blaster
      (Requires the use of the Space Sword Talisman)


      Haruka Tenoh is what most people could call the "ultimate" tomboy. She wears the boys' school uniform, her hair is really short, and she flirts with girls all the time (The latter making Michiru jealous! ^_-). She is very detirmined at anything she does, and is also short-tempered, stubborn, and aggressive. As a senshi, she can be very blunt, callous, and unmerciful if the situation is critical, and prefers to work with just Sailor Neptune. She would sacrifice anything to complete their mission. Inside, however, Haruka is a very caring person and would never let anyone she is close to be harmed, including Usagi and Michiru.


      Since Haruka spends so much of her time with Sailor Neptune, or Michiru Kaioh, that the two have become more than just friends, and are rarely separated. Haruka even lives with Michiru, along with Setsuna, in Michiru's giant mansion when they need to care for little Hotaru, who calls them "Haruka-papa" and "Michiru-mama". Haruka would never want to see Michiru hurt in battle, even though they agreed that they would sacrifice the other if it meant fulfilling their mission, and the feeling is mutual. She is very protective and possessive of Michiru, though Haruka likes to flirt with a cute girl when she can. Despite Haruka's flirting, the two share a deep emotional bond, and even though they would never admit it to anyone other than themselves, they are in love. (For more information on Michiru and Haruka's relationship, visit the Rose Garden)


      During the "Sailor Moon S" series, Haruka's mission was to find the three Talismans. These Talismans would form the Sacred Cup which would be used by the Messiah to save the world from the deadly Silence. These Talismans, the Deep Aqua Mirror, the Space Sword, and the Garnet Orb, were sealed into the Pure Hearts of three people. What Haruka didn't know was that the Space Sword Talisman was sealed into her own pure heart! When she and Sailor Neptune went to confront Eudial (One of the Witches 5, who were also searching for the Talismans), Sailor Uranus extracted her own pure heart using Eudial's heart-snatching gun so her talisman could be used, even though she knew she'd die. Fortunately she was revived, as was a dead Sailor Neptune, when her heart crystal was seperated from her talisman and returned to her body. Sailor Uranus has had the Space Sword and used it in many battles since then.


      During the Silver Millenium, Sailor Uranus was the Princess of the planet Uranus. She rarely, if ever, made an appearance in the court of the Moon Kingdom, however, because she and the other Outer Senshi were protecting the entire solar system from outside evils. Unfortuantely, she was killed during the assault on the Moon Kingdom by Queen Metallia and Queen Beryl. She was reborn on Earth, however, with her fellow senshi so she could once again protect the solar system from evil.


      In the 30th century, there is no knowledge of what happens to Sailor Uranus, Sailor Neptune, or the other Outer Senshi. It is assumed that at the defeat of Galaxia, they returned to their positions at the edge of the solar system to once again protect it from outside, invading evils.

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