Top Ten Lists About Anything Sailor Moon

The Top Ten Weirdest Attacks from Sailor Moon
   10.Moon Spiral Heart Attack (I didn't think Sailor Moon was co-ordinated enough to be able to spin in so       many circles.....)
   9.Shabon Spray(Mercury Bubbles Blast)-Attack or Defense?
   8.Tuxedo Mask's Roses
   7.Twinkle Yell
   6.Venus Wink Chain Sword
   5.Garlic Attack
   4.Starlight Honeymoon Therapy Kiss
   3.Pink Sugar Heart Attack (Sounds like candy.....yum ^_^)
   2.Tuxedo the Smoking Bomber ( ?!?!?!?!)
   And the number one weirdest attack from Sailor Moon is:
   1. Jupiter Coconut Cyclone (Do you think she works at Friendlys'? ^_-)

The Top Ten Places Chibi-Usa Came From
By: Luna424
   10.Who knows.
   9. Rini and Rei are a little alike and Rei and Darien were going out for a while....
   8.A little thunder storm cloud that was tired of her
   7.She is Serena's alter-ego
   6.Ratings were getting low so they thought "Just to make things interesting..."
   5.She is a crimanal on the run.
   4.She was kicked out of heaven.
   3.In the future Queen Serenity got fed up with her bad attitude and nocked her into the last millenuim.
   2.A bunny farm.
   And the number one place Chibi-Usa came from is:
   1. Heck.
*Please note: Jezzibelle did not create this list. If any Chibi-Usa lovers are offended by this list, please do   not flame me! I did not write it! Thank you.

The Top Ten Reasons Why Sailor Moon is the Princess
   10. Luna found her first
   9.The moon symbol looked best on her forehead
   8.She needed this to help her practice responsiblity (You can't rule a planet and not be responsible, I       think ^_-)
   7.The show was named after her so she needed an imortant role
   6.She needed SOMETHING to worry her blonde head about!
   5.Being a princess upped her chances with Mamoru
   4.No one else really LOOKED like the Princess
   2.Look at her senshi name and figure it out.
   And the number one reason is:
   1. Naoko needed a surprising plot twist

The Top Ten Reasons Why Serena and Raye (Usagi and Rei) Fight
By: Bunny
   10. What else are they supposed to do with their spare time?
   9.Serena doesn't really hate Raye, she just fights with her to put off doing her.....homework.
   8.Serena's hair intimidates Raye.
   7.Raye just has a problem expressing her feelings..
   6.Well if Serena's the leader, there has to be SOMEONE to disagree with her!
   5.Serena grew up watching TV and reading comic books. Raye grew up at a temple doing.....chores. Who       would think they wouldn't fight?
   4.How many times did Raye hit on Darien?
   3.Serena's jealous of Raye because she's taller than her.
   2.Smart priestess! Dumb blonde! You figure it out!
   And the number one reason Serena and Raye (Usagi and Rei) fight:

The Top Ten Reasons Why Usagi's Hair is the Way it is:
   10.What else are you supposed to do with hair that long?!?!
   9.So she can look exactly like Sailor Moon! ^_-
   8.It made her look more like her princess self
   7.As a child, it was SSSSSSSOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! ^_^
   6.So she could get Mamoru's attention
   5.So she is set apart from the rest of the crowd....
   4.So she can shut up Shingo (Sammy) with a flick of the head...
   3.All the other styles were getting old.
   And the number one reason for Usagi's hairstyle is...
   1.Deep down inside, she's a pasta freak ^_-

The Top Ten Reasons Why We Love Sailor Moon:
   10. Talking cats
   9.For the boys, three words: Girls in miniskirts
   8.I'm addicted to anime
   7.There is no logical reason....
   6.It is good to know about when trying to shoo away annoying little brothers...
   5.The plot is awesome...
   4.The characters are the greatest...
   2.Because I do, so back off!
   And the number one reason why we love Sailor Moon is that..
   1. "She is the one named Sailor Moon"!