Hello and welcome to the Starlights's Sound Studio! Unfortunately, the Three Lights themselves are not available for chatting right now, as they are in the process of recording a brand new CD. Sorry to disappoint you! Apology not accepted! Minako, I wasn't talking to you... So? I wanted to meet the Three Lights, and now you tell me I can't meet them! [Goes into a pity-me-because-I'm-a-selfless-hard-working-person-who-just-wants-to-meet-her-idols mode and violin music is heard in the background] I've been slaving away for hours in the Lounge, making sure everyone's needs are met while not thinking of myself, and this is the thanks I get? [Begins to 'cry'] [Everyone in the room falls down onto the floor with their feet up in the air] [Jezzibelle gets up, throws the record player against the wall, and puts a hand on Minako's shoulder] Uh, Minako? Tell me why you want to see the Three Lights again... That's easy! To get their autographs! [Sweatdrop] Minako? [Yelling] YOU'VE WORKED WITH THEM FOR PRACTICALLY A YEAR!!! What do you want their autographs for??!?! Gee..I never realized that...[Sweatdrop] Yea, yea...now leave. [Minako slinks out to the studio] Sigh..now that that's over, feel free to browse through the music here. We have personal CD players if you want to bring something back to your room! Just remember to return it when you're done! ^_-

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