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      Welcome all! Just take a seat here and I'll serve you whatever you want off the menu. By the way, did you see that guy who just walked out of here? Well, I heard that h-[Jezzibelle stomps in from the kitchen] Makoto? Why am I doing this again? Isn't this your snack bar? Can you do your own work now?!![Sweatdrop] I'll be right there Jezzibelle. Could you just put that cake in the oven for me?[Grumbling] Fine....But you have 2 minutes![She marches back into the kitchen][Whispering in an annoyed tone] She's such a slave driver...if I didn't need the money for that new dress I'd show her a thing or two. [Suddenly becomes embarressed] Oh...heh heh...ummm..never mind my mumbling. Now, uh, what can I get y-[A loud crash is heard from the kitchen] Argh! That hurt!! MAKOTO!!!Oh no...not again. [Sweatdrop]. Well, take a few minutes to look over the menu at the left. I'll be back after I find out what Jezzibelle broke this time. [A second sweatdrop].

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