*~Senshi Licenses~*

Now you can have your very own Sailor Senshi license thanks to The Silver Moon Spa's Gift Shoppe!

All you have to do is fill out the form below, send it in, and the HTML code for your license will be sent to you via e-mail!

Just one note: Please DO NOT request a picture of an original senshi(one from the series or manga) to go with your fanfic character's license. All this does is confuse newbies as to what the real characters are called, and shows that you are too lazy to create your own picture. You do, however, have a couple of options:

You can either draw your character, scan it, and send it to Jezzibelle
You can modify an existing picture of an original senshi to look like yours on your computer with an image editing program
(Use Microsoft Paint if you have nothing else) and send that in to Jezzibelle.

Just please don't request a picture of an original senshi. Send your own picture instead! Your application will be thrown out if you don't! Just a warning!

Now, on to the form!

The Sailor Senshi License Form
***(The Starred Fields Must Be Filled Out In Order To Obtain A License!)***

*Name or Nickname:

*E-mail Address:

*Sailor Senshi or Character You Would Like a License For:

If You Chose 'Fanfic Character' Above, Please Fill Out the Next Two Lines. Otherwise, Skip Them.

Fanfic Character's Name and Senshi Name:

Please Briefly Describe What Your Fanfic Character Does (i.e. His/Her Duty or Who He/She Protects)

(You Will Have To E-mail Me A Scanned or Modified Picture of Your Character or Attach One Yourself After You Recieve the License.)

*Do You Have a Website?:

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*Do You Understand HTML Code?:

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