Welcome to the Rose Garden
You are my first love, my only love. Even if we're reborn in another life, we'll find wach other, and then we'll fall in love again.

Hello and welcome to my Rose Garden. Here you will find shrines to the various couples in Sailormoon. Also, you ca- Hey Mamoru! [Runs up] I have a question for you. Yes Jezzibelle? Well, I was wondering how you get your roses to stick up in the ground like that after you throw them. I've been trying with the regular roses off your bushes and they just don't work. You picked roses off my bushes!?! Well, yea. But that's besides the point. [Mamoru glares at Jezzibelle menacingly] Or..maybe it is the point. [Sweatdrop] Uh...heh heh...bye! [Dashes off] Sigh...She'll never learn. Anyway, you are welcome to browse through the galleries and take use the pictures. Just DO NOT DIRECT LINK THEM, or Jezzibelle will have a fit and probably come after you. Or at least let everyone know you did it. Anyway, feel free to browse and look. I would appreciate it if you wouldn't pick the roses though. ^_^ Thanks and enjoy!

The Garden Shrines

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