~Sailor Moon Manga Quiz~

Since Sailormoon has been removed from the Toonami lineup, I guess it's time to test you knowledge about the manga! These questions range from easy to hard, so good luck!

1) What was Sailor Jupiter's first attack in the manga?
Surpreme Thunder
Flower Hurricane
Jupiter Thunder Crash
Flower Tornado

2) In which arc(s) does Sailor Pluto die in the manga?
Dark Kingdom Arc
Nemisis Arc
Deathbusters Arc
Animates Arc
Both 2 and 4
All of the Above

3) Who was Beryl in love with back in the time of the Silver Millenium?

4) What do the rings that Setsuna, Michiru, and Haruka wear in the Nehelenia Arc symbolize?

5) Which senshi was Evil Prince Endymion able to bring under his control?

6) In 3rd manga, how does Sailor Moon feel about having to fight Evil Prince Endymion?
She's confident she can save him
She's confused and doesn't know what to do
She doesn't think she is strong enough the beat him
She thinks it's swell

7) What happens as a result of these feelings?

8) True or False: The Starlights change sex in the manga.

9) Who is Sailor Cosmos?

10) Who has the Golden Crystal Helios is looking for in the Nehelenia Arc?