Poll Results

Which of the following versions of Sailormoon do you like the best?
1) I like them all!!: 82 votes/46%
2) Manga: 30 votes/27%
3) Anime: 27 votes/24%
3) Doujinshi/Fanfiction: 2 votes/1%

Do you play the Sailormoon CCG (Customisable Card Game)?
Boy, do we need to get the word out!
1) I've never played it: 39 votes/52%
2) Yes! I love it!: 30 votes/40%
3) I've played it. and it's okay: 6 votes/8%
4) I played it and I hated it!: 0 votes/0%

What do you think of the new Silver Moon Spa at Tripod?
[Sniff] Thank you so much guys! Now I know that all my hard work was worth it! ^_^
1) I love it! It's great!: 70 votes/83%
2) It's pretty good: 11 votes/13%
3) It could use some improvement: 2 votes/2%
4) I can't stand it!: 1 vote/1%
5) I think it's okay: 0 votes/0%