To print out these two-demensional senshi to play with, just right click on the paper doll you want (Mac Users: Click and hold down the mouse button), save it, and print it out!
But first, here are a few helpful suggestions:

After you print out the paper doll, back the doll itself with light cardboard (Like the material clothing gift wrap boxes are made of). This makes the doll more sturdy and it stands up better!

You can make your own clothes for your senshi bytracing around the doll onto a blank sheet of paper, drawing an outfit over the tracing (Remember to draw tabs!),color it and cut it out, and you have a new outfit for your Senshi!

Now for the Selection!


Sailor Moon PaperDolls:
Eternal Sailor Moon and Neo-Queen Serenity
Sailor Moon, Super Sailor Moon, and Usagi
Sailor Mercury Dolls:
Super Sailor Mercury and Princess Mercury
Sailor Mars Dolls:
Sailor Mars and Rei
Sailor Jupiter Dolls:
Super Sailor Jupiter and Princess Jupiter
Sailor Venus Dolls:
Super Sailor Venus and Princess Venus
Sailor Neptune Dolls:
Sailor Neptune and Michiru
Sailor Uranus Dolls:
Sailor Uranus and Haruka
Sailor Pluto Dolls:
Sailor Pluto and Setsuna
Sailor Saturn Dolls:
Sailor Saturn and Princess Saturn
Tuxedo Kamen Dolls:
Tuxedo Kamen and Mamoru

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