Michiru Kaiou/Sailor Neptune's

Michiru Kaioh lives a life of perfection. She's pretty, intelligent, and a talented artist and musician. She charms guys left and right. But there is something about her that would surprise most. That underneath this elegent young woman lies the powerful spirit of Sailor Neptune!


Basic Stats:
*Name: Michiru Kaiou
*Meaning: "Maturing Sea King"
*English Name: Michelle Kaiou
*Element: Water (Ocean)
*Birthday: March 6
*Age (Season 3): 16
*Height: 5'4"
*Bloodtype: O
*Astrological Sign: Pisces
*Hobbies: Painting, playing the violin, collecting cosmetics, and swimming
*Favorite Color: Marine Blue
*Favorite Gemstone: Aquamarine
*Favorite Food: Sashimi (Meat strips)
*Least Favorite Food: Kikurage (Mushrooms)
*Favorite Subject: Music
*Least Favorite Subject: None
*Greatest Fear: Sea Cucumbers
*Family: None. Lives in a mansion by the sea, eventually with the other Outer Senshi
*Guardians: None
*Dream: To be a violinist

*Neptune Planet Power, Make-Up!!
(In the anime, this is both Sailor Neptune's
      and Super Sailor Neptune's transformation.)
*Neptune Crystal Power, Make-Up!
(Manga Only. Used to tranform into Super Sailor Neptune)

*Deep Submerge
      (English: Neptune Deep Submerge.)
*Submarine Reflection
      (Can either cause damage or be used to detect enemy weaknesses.       Performed with Deep Aqua Mirror Talisman)


      Michiru is a unique character indeed, for she seems to have two seperate personalities: One as Michiru and the other as Sailor Neptune. As Michiru, she is very elegant and lady-like. She's also very calm, kind, paitent, mature, and understanding. She acts almost like a princess, and is widely known for her beautiful paintings and violin playing. But as Sailor Neptune, Michiru is cold, ruthless, and merciless. She is ready to risk anything or anyone to achieve her goal. Neptune is also distant from the other senshi, and prefers to just work with Sailor Uranus (Haruka). She's an aggressive fighter, despite her delicate apperance, and works very well with the tomboyish Uranus. This rigid behavior probably comes from the fact that Michiru resents being a senshi, and would certainly prefer a normal life.


      Since Michiru spends so much of her time with Sailor Uranus, or Haruka Tenoh, the two have become more than just friends, and are rarely separated. Haruka even lives with Michiru, along with Setsuna, in her giant mansion when they need to care for little Hotaru, who calls them "Haruka-papa" and "Michiru-mama". Michiru would gladly sacrifice her own life to save Haruka's, even though they swore to each other that they wouldn't do that. Not that Haruka wouldn't do the same for Michiru. The two share a deep emotional bond, and even though they would never admit it to anyone other than themselves, they are in love. (For more information on Michiru and Haruka's relationship, visit the Rose Garden)


      During the "Sailor Moon S" series, Michiru was on a quest with Haruka to find the three Talismans that would form the Sacred Cup that would be used by the Messiah to save the world from the deadly Silence. These Talismans, the Deep Aqua Mirror, the Space Sword, and the Garnet Orb, were sealed into the Pure Hearts of three people. Little did Michiru know that the Deep Aqua Mirror Talisman was sealed into her own pure heart! When she and Sailor Uranus went to confront Eudial (One of the Witches 5 who were also searching for the Talismans), Eudial tricked them both and while Sailor Neptune was defending Sailor Uranus, she shot her with her Heart Snatching Gun! Her pure heart came out and Sailor Neptune slumped to the ground, dead. A while later, Sailor Uranus was also killed but she was revived, as was Sailor Neptune, when their heart crystal seperated from their talismans and returned to their bodies. Sailor Neptune has had possession of her Deep Aqua Mirror ever since.


      Like all of the other planetary senshi, Michiru was the princess of her guardian planet Neptune. Unlike the Inner Senshi, who only protected Princess Serenity, Michiru and the other Outer Senshi were given the duty to protect the solar system from outside evils. Unfortuantely, during the attack on the Moon Kingdom by Queen Metallia and Queen Beryl, Sailor Neptune was killed along with the other senshi. However, she was reborn on Earth with all the other senshi thanks to Queen Serenity (In the first episode, if you look just below Serenity's bubble, you can see Michiru!).


      In the future, during the reign of Neo-Queen Serenity, it is not really known what happened to Michiru or the other Outer Senshi. Some believe that after the defeat of Galaxia, she returned to the outer realms of the solar system to once again stand guard against potentially invading evils.

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