Usagi Tuskino/Sailor Moon's

      Usagi Tuskino was just a normal, sweet, lazy, 14 year old airhead until one day when she crossed paths with a talking cat named Luna, who gave her the power to transform into the sailor suited warrior of justice, Sailor Moon!


Basic Stats:
*Name: Usagi Tuskino
*Meaning: "Rabbit of the Moon"
*English Name: Serena Tuskino
*Element: Purity
*Birthday: June 30
*Age (Season 1): 14
*Height: 4'11"
*Blood Type: 0
*Astrogical Sign: Cancer
*Hobbies: Eating, sleeping, shopping, playing video games, and goofing off
*Favorite Color: White and Pink
*Favorite Gemstone: Diamond
*Favorite Foods: Cake and Ice Cream
*Least Favorite Food: Carrots
*Favorite Subject: Home Economics
*Least Favorite Subject: Math
*Greatest Fear: Thunderstorms
*Family: Her mother, father, and younger brother Shingo (Sammy in the English dub)
*Guardians: Luna, her cat. Artemis, Minako's cat, to an extent
*Dream: To marry Mamoru


*Moon Prism Power, Make-UP!
*Moon Crystal Power, Make-UP!
*Moon Cosmic Power, Make-UP!
*Crisis Make-UP! (Super Sailor Moon Transformation. In the S series, this required the power of the Sacred Cup. In the SS series, it was energized by Pegasus's power given to her)
*Moon Eternal Make-UP! (Eternal Sailor Moon Transformation)
*Moon Power! (Know as "Diguise Power!" in the English dub, this allows Usagi to transform into anyone she wants with the Transformation [Luna] Pen)

*Moon Tiara Action!
        (English: Moon Tiara Magic. Removes tiara and throws it like a frisbee at her opponent)
*Moon Tiara Stardust!
      (Same as above, except it sprays stardust everywhere instead)
*Sailor Moon Kick!
*Moon Healing Escalation
      (Used with the Creasent Moon Wand to turn a youma back into a human)
*Moon Princess Halation
      (English: Moon Scepter Elimination. Done using Moon Sceptor
*Moon Spiral Heart Attack
      (Done using Spiral Heart Moon Rod)
*Double Sailor Moon Kick
      (Super Sailor Moon and Sailor Chibi Moon together)
*Rainbow Moon Heart Ache
      (Used by Super Sailor Moon with Spiral Moon Heart Rod)
*Moon Gorgeous Meditation
      (Used by Super Sailor Moon with the Moon Kaliedoscope)
*Double Moon Gorgeous Meditation
      (Super Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Chibi Moon both)
*Starlight Honeymoon Therepy Kiss
      (Eternal Sailor Moon's attack using Eternal Tier)
*Silver Moon Crystal Power Kiss
      (A second attack by Eternal Sailor Moon using Eternal Tier)
*Moon Twilight Flash
      (Manga Only. Sailor Moon uses her tiara to reflect moonlight to destroy youma)


      Usagi, in the beginning, is presented as a stereotypical blonde: Clumsy, lazy, wimpy, and a ditz. However, as the series progresses, Usagi picks up a sense of courage and proves herself to be not entirely a ditz. She is very dedicated to protecting the ones she loves, even when they turn against her. She will sacrifice her own life in the blink of an eye if it will save someone else's. She has a very big heart and is capable of forgiving most anyone, including her enemies. She is also very friendly, outgoing, and tries to make everyone's lives all right, sometimes with disasterous results. ^_-


      When it comes to romance, Usagi is always trying to set people up and constantly trying to keep her boyfriend Mamoru all to herself. Though at first, she wanted nothing to do with him because he was always teasing her. But little did they know that when they were fighting crime, Usagi was Sailor Moon and Mamoru was Tuxedo Mask! After they learned this, and about their past lives, they fell in love, and have promised to never seperate (For more information on thes two, visit the Rose Garden).


      In her past life, Usagi was the heir of the Moon Kingdom of the Silver Millenium, Princess Serenity. Her mother was Queen Serenity, the current queen of the Moon. Serenity had four Sailor Guardians who protected her: Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter, and Sailor Venus. These guardians were also the princesses of their respective planets. In addition to her guardians, Serenity also had her true love, a prince from Earth by the name of Endymion (Visit the Rose Garden for more information on Serenity and Endymion). However, her life was cut tragically short when the Dark Kingdom led by Queen Metallia, Queen Beryl and her four generals, who were once the generals for Endymion, attacked the Moon from Earth. In the manga, Prince Endymion was killed during this attack while protecting Serenity. In sorrow, Serenity committed suicide with the very sword that was supposed to defend her. In the anime, she was killed by Queen Metallia's power when she jumped off the balcony after Endymion when Metallia attacked him. However, in both versions, Queen Serenity was able to defeat the evil using the power of the Silver Crystal. Using the last of her energy and the Silver Crystal, the dying queen sent all those who had been killed, including Serenity, Endymion, and the senshi, to Earth to be reborn and be happy.


      In the 30th century Usagi in Neo-Queen Serenity, ruler of Crystal Tokyo and wife to King Endymion, known in the present as Mamoru. She is also the mother of the crown princess, Serenity, also known as Chibi-Usa or Small Lady, who traveled back in time to the 20th century to get Sailor Moon, whom she believed could save Neo-Queen Serenity. Crystal Tokyo had been attacked by the rouges of the planet Nemisis, the Black Moon Family. They wanted revenge against the Royal Family for banishing them to Nemisis. Everyone in Crystal Tokyo was placed in a state of suspended animation, including Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion. Only Chibi-Usa and her kitten, Diana, remained awake. In the anime, the four Inner Senshi were also awake, but were casting their energy to protect the sleeping rulers in the castle. Sailor Moon was eventually able to defeat the family from Nemisis and rescue the royal family. In the manga, to show her gratitude, Neo-Queen Serenity gave Sailor Moon and the other Inner Senshi new powers and upgraded weapons to use in their fight against evil.

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