The Michiru and Haruka Story

      These two have been through think and thin, always being there for each other...whether they admit to it or not. Even though these two are of the same gender, that doesn't mean they aren't allowed to have an intimite relationship. Here's their story.

      Not much about these two is known from back in the days of the Silver Millenium, however we do know about how they met. One day, some time between the first and third season of the series, a Haruka was running a track race for her school, and easily beat out some of the top sprinters, including her friend Elza. After the meet, Elza walked up to Haruka to congradulate her on winning the race, and to introduce her to one of Haruka's biggest fans, Michiru Kaioh. At this point, Michiru knew her destiny as a Sailor Senshi, and Haruka has begun to have dreams about being a senshi too, however, Haruka didn't want to accept it. Their conversation was brief and curt, for Michiru had mentioned the dreams Haruka had been having, and after declining Michiru's request to do her portrait, Haruka left.
      The two had a few more brief encounters, each one ending with Haruka angry that Michiru was trying to convince her to join her fight. Then one day, Haruka was working with a friend of hers in a garage, when her friend fell to the floor and turned into a horrible monster! Haruka tried to fight it, but it was too strong. Suddenly, her transformation pen appeared in front of her! Haruka reached out for it, but a voice called out for her not to touch it. Haruka whirled around, and there stood Michiru in the doorway. Michiru told Haruka not to grab the pen if she wanted to pursue her dream of racing. With that, Michiru transformed into Sailor Neptune and began to fight the monster. She was apparently winning, until the monster dove after Haruka, and Sailor Neptune threw herself at Haruka to sheild her. Haruka was unharmed, but Sailor Neptune was badly injured. Haruka told her that she shouldn't have done that, but Sailor Neptune replied that she wouldn't let her be hurt in a battle she didn't want to fight. After all, she was her biggest fan (How sweet! ^_^). Haruka smiled, and said she was ready to accept her destiny, and grabbed her transformation pen. After transforming into Sailor Uranus, she defeated the monster, and she and Sailor Neptune have worked to save the world, as partners, ever since.

      Since their meeting, Michiru and Haruka have been best friends, partners, and always their for each other. In the "Sailormoon S" series, their mission was to recover the three talismans that would form the Holy Grail. They formed a strong bond, but kept telling each other that if one died or was captured, the other would not try to save them and live to carry out the mission (Of course, we all know that they REALLY wouldn't do that. ^_-). More than once has a member of this duo been in serious trouble and the other has come to rescue them, breaking their promise. This was especially true in the episode when it was revealed that both Michiru and Haruka were holders of two of the three talismans. There was Neptune, bound against a wall by a thorny vine, and what did Uranus do? Ran across a narrow walkway to save her. Unfortunately for her, the walkway was booby trapped, and she was seriously injured. Eudial approached her, and was prepared to remove her heart crystal, but then an extreamly injured Sailor Neptune ripped herself away from her binds and stumbled toward Uranus to try and save her. Uranus screamed out for her to stop, but she wouldn't, even when she was shot dozens of times by Eudial's trap, claiming that she wouldn't let Uranus die.(Aww...)Before Haruka's eyes, Eudial killed Neptune and stole her heart crystal. Later, Uranus shot herself with Eudial's gun. How tragic! ~,_,~ Happily, the two were brought back to life and reunited with the power of the Holy Grail. Yea. ^_^After this, they continued to work side by side to stop the coming Silence. When it was all over, the two of them drove off into the sunset.

      However, this dazziling duo returns in the final season of Sailor Moon, where in my opinion, the sweetest act of affection these two have ever shown each other takes place. In episode 197, after the death of the Inner Senshi, the Outer Senshi are now facing Galaxia. They know they have a slim chance of winning, but then Galaxia gives them an offer. If they surrender their star seeds, she will give them her power and they could still live, but will work for her. Surprisingly, Uranus and Neptune take her up on that offer! Before turning evil, these two have the following conversation (Courtasy of Hitoshi Doi):
Uranus: Interesting. If I can get that bracelet, I can live?
(Galaxia nodded)
Uranus to Neptune: If I can be with you, I don't mind selling my soul to the devil
(Uranus and Neptune stood up)
Neptune:I'm with you until I die
Uranus:Let's be together in hell
      Sniff...That's so sweet! Anyway,Uranus and Neptune recieve the blast from Galaxia's bracelets and recieve some of their own.
      In the next episode, 198, these two "evil" senshi fight against Sailor Moon and the Starlights, but at the very end, they turn and blast Galaxia! It had all been a trick! But since Galaxia didn't have a star seed (Chibi Chibi is her star seed), she didn't die, and took away Neptune and Uranus's bracelets. The two lovers fell to the ground, where they exchanged these final words (Courtasy of Hitoshi Doi):
Neptune:I want to touch you
(The two very, very dim senshi reached out to touch each other but were too far away. After struggling, they finally managed to touch each other's hands)
Neptune: I can see the light
Uranus: It's warm, Michiru
      Then they faded out of exsistance. ( sad...)
      Happily, when Galaxia was freed from Chaos, these two were brought back to life along with the other senshi. From then on, they have lived a happy life together with their friends.

      So, just because these two are of the same gender, doesn't mean that they cannot be in love with each other. These two exchange the same amount of feeling, care, and devotion to each other as Usagi and Mamoru do. A magnificant couple like Haruka and Michiru deserve their day in the spotlight like every other couple on "Sailormoon", for they are just as in love, and are just as powerful when they are together.

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