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Rei Hino is a beautiful young girl who has a fiery temper and works at her Granfather's Shinto Temple. She would have been living a normal life if she hadn't met up with Ami, Usagi, and her talking cat Luna, who helped her discover her true identity as the warrior of fire, Sailor Mars!


Basic Stats:
*Name: Rei Hino
*Meaning: "Spirit of Fire"
*English Name: Raye Hino
*Element: Fire
*Birthday: April 17
*Age (Season 1): 14
*Height: 5'3"
*Bloodtype: AB
*Astrological Sign: Aries
*Hobbies: Fortune telling, meditation, reading manga, singing, and teasing Usagi
*Favorite Colors: Red and Black
*Favorite Gemstone: Ruby
*Favorite Foods: Fugu (Blowfish) and Vegatarian Pizza
*Least Favorite Food: Canned Asparagus
*Favorite Subject: Ancient Literature
*Least Favorite Subject: Modern Social Studies
*Greatest Fear: None really, but has a short temper that often gets her into trouble
*Family: She is an only child. Her mother died and her father disappeared. Lives with her Grandfather.
*Guardians: Her crows, Phobos and Demios. Luna, Usagi's cat, and Artemis, Minako's cat, to an extent
*Dream: To become a head priestess, singer, model, wife, seiyuu, and business woman


*Mars Power, Make-Up!
*Mars Star Power, Make-Up!
Mars Crystal Power, Make-Up!
(Super Sailor Mars transformation)


*Akuryou taisan
      (English: Mars Fireballs Charge. Uses anti-evil scrolls to paralyze       enemy)
*Fire Soul
      (English: Mars Fire Ignite)
*Fire Soul Bird
      (English: Mars Firebird Strike. Combines Fire Soul with anti-evil       scroll to create a "firebird")
*Burning Mandala
      (English: Mars Celesital Fire Surround.)
*Mars Flame Sniper
      (English: Mars Flame Shooter. Super Sailor Mars's attack)
*Mars Snake Fire
      (Manga only.)


      Rei Hino is a beautiful young girl, and she knows it. At her private school, she is often idolized by the other students and could be considered the "Queen of the School", so she is used t getting what she wants. She has a fiery temper and can be quite bossy, stuck-up, and a shameless self-promoter sometimes. She also enjoys picking on Usagi, claiming she is a lousy lader and bugging her about her grades, although this is just because they are good friends. Deep down inside, Rei really cares about Usagi and the rest of her friends, and would do anything to help them, especially Usagi and Minako.


      Like Usagi, Rei likes to meddle in other people's romances, though she never really seems to have success in her own (In the manga, Rei has a general disdain for guys and doesn't want to marry). In the first season, she had a huge crush on Mamoru and even dated him for a while, but when they learned about their pasts, she gave up on him and left Usagi and Mamoru in peace (Well, most of the time ^_-). Then along came Yuuichirou (Chad), who instantly fell in love with Rei and convinced her Grandfather to let him stay and work at the temple. All he wanted to do was be near her, but at first, Rei didn't want anything to do with him. However, as time went on, she realized just how much she really cared about him, and although the two never really hook up, they share a special friendship together. Despite this bond, though, Rei will always remain single and continue to oogle at ever cute guy she sees.


      Living at her Granfather's temple, Rei has become a Shinto priestess. Shinto is an old religion of Japan that believes in the goodness of life and purification of the body and spirit(Visit The Sailor Moon Mansion for more information). She helps to maintain the temple, and is often seen praying to or asking guidance from the Sacred Fire of the temple. She uses anti-evil scrolls in some of her attacks, which she used even before becoming a senshi to rid someone of an evil spirit. From all of this training, Rei gained a vast knowledge of the supernatural and meditation, as well as martial arts techniques. She is even said to have gained some psychic powers, and often recives visions and omens of events to come.


      In her past life during the Silver Millenium, Rei was one of Princess Serenity's four Sailor Guardians. However, Rei was also the princess of the planet Mars, and is rumored to have had a romantic relationship with one of Prince Endymion's generals, Jedite, before he switched to the side of evil. When Queen Metallia and Queen Beryl attacked the Moon Kingdom, she gave her life to protect the Queen and Princess. Luckily, Rei was reborn on Earth with the Princess and other senshi thanks to Queen Serenity and the Silver Crystal.


      In the 30th Century Crystal Tokyo, Rei is once again a Sailor Guardian with the other Inner Senshi, but this time for the entire royal family, consisting of Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion, and Neo-Princess Serenity (Chibi-Usa). During the attack by Nemisis, she suffered the same fate as the rest of the Inners. In the manga, she was caught under the same sleep spell as everyone else except Chibi-Usa and her cat Diana. In the anime, she was one of the only ones still awake, and she and the other Inner Senshi cast their energy to protect the sleeping Neo-Queen and wounded King. In both version, however, Sailor Moon was able to defeat the people from Nemisis and save the people of Crystal Tokyo from destruction and restore their peaceful lives.

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