Jezzibelle spending another day hard at work...

      Welcome to my office! [Picks up pile of papers on a folding chair and drops them on the floor] Please don't mind the clutter. [Several items fall off a nearby shelf] Heh heh heh...
      Anyway, I'm glad you decided to stop by. This is the only place in the entire spa where I don't have to worry about senshi barging in on-
Jezzibelle! [Bursts in] Jezzibelle! Rei finished off all of Makoto cookies and I didn't get any! That's not true! [Comes in after Usagi] She had to have at least 5! Jezzibelle! These two keep eating all of the cookies! There are none left for the guests! Hey! We didn't eat all of them! Yea! And besides, Minako ate a good number of them too! [A loud, screaming-match ensues] [Very annoyed] Look! I thought I told you guys that when I'm in my office- We know, we's your "Leave-me-alone-I'm-going-insane" time. [Surprised] So, if you knew that already....why did you come in here?! [Silence] Um....because? [Stares at the three embaressed senshi in the doorway. Slowly, she lifts her hand up, and presses a Big Red Button (Bum Bum Bum) on her desk. A trapdoor opens beneath the senshi, and they fall through the floor with both doors closing behind them]. Ahem. That's better. Anyway, since you decided to stop by, here's some of my files that you can look through. Most of them are project files of mine. I hope you enjoy them.

Personnel File
Jezzibelle's Bio
Personal Log
Jezzibelle's online journal
Some of Jezzibelle's fanfiction
Some of Jezzibelle's fanart
Project:Daughters of Demando
Jezzibelle and Sarah-sama's joint anime insanity fanfiction

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