~*Senshi Makeovers*~

Welcome again visitors! In this part of the salon, you get to vote on what changes you would like to see done to a senshi's look. WHAT?! Did Jezzibelle give you permisson to do this?! Actually, it was her idea. Well she didn't clear it with us!! I'm sure she doesn't mean any harm done with it... [Meanwhile, Jezzibelle is outside listening through the door and trying to contain her laughter. Unfortunately, Rei and Usagi hear her laughing, and presently open the door, causing her to fall flat on her face in the doorway] Oww...[Looks up] Oh...hi girls...heh heh... Why you...[Jumps on top of Jezzibelle and starts a catfight] [Usagi joins in] AAHHHHHH!!! Sigh..anyway, the current makover poll is below, as well as the results of the previous poll and an archive of past makeovers. Hope you enjoy them!

Previous Makeover Results:

Which of the following characters should have their hair dyed multi-colored?

Pegasus won with 193 votes!
Click Here to see his makeover!

Makeover Archive

*Sailor Mercury with Sailor Chibi Moon's Hairstyle*
*Sailor Pluto in a Starlight's Fuku*
*Chibi-Usa as Tuxedo Kamen
*Chibi Chibi as a Shinto Priestess* - By Becky
*Hotaru Dressed Up as a Pilgrim*
*Neo-Queen Serenity Dressed as Black Lady*
*Minako as Princess Serenity*
*Mamoru with Pink Hair*
*Sakura as a Sailor Senshi*
*Vegeta as Tuxedo Kamen*

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