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Welcome to the Main Office! Here, all of the activites that happen around The Silver Moon Spa are planned, making it the management center of the most important elements of the spa. Or, in other words, this is where you put all of the stuff you couldn't find a place for,right? [Sweatdrop] Shut up Rei! Ah ha! So she's right! Well, ah, no! Of course not! Come on, Jezzibelle, you know we're right. Please, Jezzibelle, just admit it and all of this will be over with. NO! [Kicks all of the senshi out of the Main Office and locks the door] There....Now, back to more important things. There are a whole bunch of different things here to look at and browse through, from links to credits. Just do me a huge favor and sign the guestbook when you're done. Please? Pretty please? There are also link to the other sections of the spa available if you get bored. Enjoy!

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