Hey there and welcome to the Lounge! Pull up a chair! [Runs off, grabs another bean bag chair, and sets it down] There you go! Now, what would you like to do first? I know! [Runs off again, and comes back a few seconds later dressed in an elaborate singing costume and toting a wireless microphone] I could sing for you! Please don't. And why not, Jezzibelle? You know what happened last time... [Confused]What? The concert incident just last weekend! [Sweatdrop] Oh yea.. Sigh...Just tell them what's happening here, Minako. [Pouting] Oh fine. [Runs to dressing room to change back into her regular clothes and to put away the wireless microphone]. Okay, I'm back. Anyway, there is plenty of stuff for you to do here (Besides listen to my wonderful singing, of course ^_^). Feel free to look around at everything. Have fun!

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