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Hi there! I'm glad you could make it! I was just getting out my physics books, so you can join me in my studyi-Umm, Ami? Our guests aren't here for a study session. They're here to learn about you guys and about the series.Well, isn't that kinda like studying? They'll be learning about something.Of course not! They're totally different! How?Well...ah...ummm...oh darn it! You beat me again! Stupid logic games!Hehe...just keep working on it Jezzibelle. I'm sure you'll beat me eventually.[Grumble..Grumble]I was so sure I had you this time...[Jezzibelle goes to her desk in the corner of the library to think up a way to beat Ami at her logic games.]Oh my, I hope I didn't hurt her feelings....[Ami looks over and sees Jezzibelle beating her head on her desk] Oh, I bet she's fine. Anyway, feel free to browse through the books here. We have biographies, fiction, and more! Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to go get Jezzibelle an ice pack. I think she's going to need it. ^_^;;

Ami with MANY books....

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