*Kawaii Faces Gallery*

Ah, ready for some dessert? Well you've come to the right place! Here you'll find a gallery dedicated to nothing but sugary kawaiiness! Feel free to take the pictures, but please don't direct link them! And make sure you don't get any cavities! ^_-

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Little Usagi with a puppyChibi ChibiLittle Ami bakingChibi Hotaru with dressLittle Makoto and a dragonfly
Small PlutoInners as babiesChibi Tuxedo crossing armsSmall Hotaru AngryChibi Chibi sleeping
Mercury FallingChibi Chibi floatingSailor V dollSailor Neptune swimmingChibi Rei with Baseball bat
Young HotaruTuxedo Kamen DollLittle Minako falling

I know this is a villan's picture, but it's just too cute, so I had to put it here. ^_^

Zoicite blowing his nose on Kunzite's cape

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