Makoto Kino/Sailor Jupiter's

Makoto Kino is Trouble with a capital "T" to her enemies, and a boy crazy home-maker to her friends. But when she transferred to Ami and Usagi's school and met up with them, she added another identity to her repertoire: the butt-kicking Sailor Jupiter!


Basic Stats:
*Name: Makoto Kino
*Meaning: "Sincerity of Wood"
*English Name: Lita Kino
*Element: Lightning and Wood
*Birthday: December 5
*Age (Season 1): 14
*Height: 5'6"
*Bloodtype: O
*Astrological Sign: Saggittarius
*Hobbies: Chasing and daydreaming about guys, cooking, and shopping
*Favorite Colors: Green and Sugar-Pink
*Favorite Gemstone: Emerald
*Favorite Foods: Cherry Pie and Meatloaf
*Least Favorite Food: None
*Favorite Subject: Home Economics
*Least Favorite Subject: Physics
*Greatest Fear: Airplanes and Flying
*Family: She is an only child and her parents died in a plane crash. Lives in an apartment alone.
*Guardians: Luna, Usagi's cat, and Artemis, Minako's cat, to an extent
*Dream: To own a bakery/restaurant/flower shop and to be a wife

*Jupiter Power, Make-Up!
*Jupiter Star Power, Make-Up!
*Jupiter Crystal Power, Make-Up!
(Super Sailor Jupiter's tranformation)

*Hand-to-Hand Combat
      (She is extreamly skilled in karate and often perfers to use brute       strength against an enemy)
*Supreme Thunder
      (English: Jupiter Thunder Crash. A lightning rod extends from her       tiara and shoots lighting bolts at her target)
*Surpreme Thunder Dragon
      (English: Jupiter Thunder Dragon. Same as above except lighting       forms a dragon)
*Sparkling Wide Pressure
      (English: Jupiter Thunderclap Zap. She gathers a ball of lighting in       her hand and throws it at her enemy)
*Jupiter Oak Evolution
      (Super Sailor Jupiter's Attack. Shoots razor sharp leaves at target)
*Flower Hurricane
      (Manga Only. Sends a blinding storm of flowers at the enemy)
*Jupiter Coconut Cyclone
      (Manga Only)


      Makoto Kino (Mako-chan) can be described as a tomboy with a soft side. It is true that she is amazingly strong and often gets into fights because of her short temper (Though it isn't as short as Rei's) and because she's headstrong and often acts without thinking. Fighting is even the reason she got kicked out of her old school and had to come to Usagi's and Ami's. However, to her close friends, Mako-chan is very femine and down-to-earth. She often shares her homemade goodies with them, and enjoys making them happy. She also has a habit of daydreaming about and chasing guys, and is always eager for love, which has gotten her into trouble a few times. As a senshi, she is extreamly valuable, and is often the first one to attack, usually without thinking.


      Even though Mako-chan spends a good deal of her time chasing after guys, she never seems to have luck catching them. She came closest with her good friend Ken, who had always stuck by her side, until she transferred schools. He was even there when Makoto's first boyfriend dumped her. Even so, they remained only friends, having more of a brother-sister relationship than a romantic one. Mako-chan has fallen for other guys as well, including Motoki (Andrew), Tigerseye, and Misha, but always ended up heartbroken and single in the end. But this would never discourage her ^_-.


      In her past life, Mako-chan was one of Princess Serenity's four sailor guardians, in addition to being the princess of the planet Jupiter. It is speculated that Princess Jupiter had a romantic relationship with one of Prince Endymion's generals, Nephrite, before they took the side of Queen Metallia and Queen Beryl. When these two attacked the Moon Kingdom, Sailor Jupiter gave her life defending the Princess and her mother, Queen Serenity. Luckily, Makoto was reborn on Earth along with her friends and princess when Queen Serenity used the last of her power to send them there.


      In Crystal Tokyo, Makoto takes on the same role as the other Inner Senshi and becomes a guardian for the royal family (Neo-Queen Serenity, King Endymion, and Chibi-Usa). When Nemisis attacked in the manga, she was put under the same sleep spell everyone else was hit with except for Chibi-Usa and Diana. During this attack in the anime, she was one of the only ones left awake. Together with the other Inner Senshi, she cast her energy around the Royal Palace to protect the sleeping Queen and wounded King. Luckily, Chibi-Usa was able to get Sailor Moon and the Inner Senshi of the past to defeat the invaders from Nemisis, thus leaving Makoto's future self to go back to a peaceful life.

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