Uranus lifting a Dumbell

Sailor Uranus's Gym

Hey there! Ready for a workout? Good! I have a full agenda ready for you. Let's start off with a 3 mile jog around the track, and then we can g- [Michiru peeks her head into the doorway] Haruka? You said you would come and help me rearrange the furniture in the salon now. Did you forget? [Blush] Well, actually... That's okay, Haruka. Just hurry over. [Leaves] [Grumbling] Why do I always have to help people with moving their stuff? Why can't they just do it themselves? Espescially Jezzibelle...why can't they just- [Pops back in] NOW Haruka! [Leaves again] Sigh...Well, so much for our personal training session. I bet you can find some things to do around here though. Just don't hurt yourself or the equipment while exercising! Haruka! Coming! [Dashes out of the room]

Today's Activities

Basketball: Inner Senshi vs. Witches 5

Makoto and Rei with a Basketball
Mercury Playing Peg Game

Sailor Mercury's Peg Game

Sailor Uranus's Paddle Game

Sailor Uranus with Ping-Pong Paddle

Games Held at Other Gyms

*Jupiter Saves the Universe*
Held at: Philip's Sailormoon Hideaway

*Sailor Moon Robot Frenzy*
Held at: Toonami.com

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