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Chibi chibi! Chibi chibi chibi chibi chibi, chibi chibi chibi chibi......chibi chibi chibi chibi![Sweatdrop]Uhh..Let's translate that, shall we? [Whips out laptop and furiously pounds the keyboard. A little sheet prints out. Jezzibelle picks it up and reads off of it] "Hello visitor! Welcome to my Gift Shoppe! You're welcome to any of the toys here, but as payment....You must get me a dounut!"[Looks up from the sheet] WHAT?! Chibi? Didn't you just have a dounut this morning?! Chibi chibi chibi! Chibi chibi....chibi...[Twirls forefingers around each other and pouts]Chibi chibi...I shucks Chibi Chibi, you're just too kawaii [Picks up Chibi Chibi and hugs her] [Jumps down and smiles at Jezzibelle] Chibi Chibi! [Runs off to find more dounuts] Sigh...Anyway, feel free to buy anything you see off the shelves. It's all for sale. Just DO NOT DIRECT LINK to anything, okay? Thanks! See you at the checkout!

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