Sailor Moon Says: Welcome to my counsiling center!!Hee hee!


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To all visitors:
        Oh dear! Do you need some help with a problem?
Or are you just here for a good laugh? Well,
whichever one you choose, Doctor Usagi can help you with
both![Whisper]But I think that she's just a little
bit better a performing the latter....
Are you saying that you don't think
I am capable of solving people's emotional problems?!
Well...ummm......kinda....You're saying I'm just a clutzy ditz who can't do anything because she doesn't get good grades aren't you!Well.....You're so mean!! WAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!
No I didn't mean that!! What I meant was that
..umm..well..[Lightbulb appears]Ah! I meant that,um, you're such a funny person that you would be more apt
at that!
[Usagi doesn't stop crying]Fine...[Digs around in her pocket] here's a lollipop.[Hands it to Usagi][Usagi stops crying, grabs the lollipop, and happliy sucks on it]Whew..that's over. Anyway, feel free to browse through the stuff available here. I'll leave you in Usagi's "capable" hands. Just don't upset her, if you know what I mean! ^_-


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