-Jezzibelle's Pocket Bishonen-

Welcome all to the home of Jezzibelle's Pocket-Bishonen! Feel free to look at my bishonen (Don't feed them though; you'll ruin their appetites! ^_-). But please don't kidnap them! I worked hard to capture them, and you'd be missing all the bishonen-catching fun! ^_^ Thanks!

If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about, or you want to start your own bishounen collection, click HERE!

I'm an official Bishonen Trainer!

I caught Cloud from FFVII!I caught Duo from Gundam Wing!I caught Mirai Trunks from DBZ!
I caught Harry McDoogle from Outlaw Star!I caught Heero from Gundam Wing!I caught Hotohori from Fushigi Yuugi!
I caught Ferio from MKR!I caught Sage from Ronin Warriors!I caught Quatre from Gundam Wing!
I caught Sephiroth from FFVII!I caught Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi!I caught Gene Starwind from Outlaw Star!
I caught Vegeta from DBZ!

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