Welcome all to my Salon. My staff and I will do our best to please you and your tastes. Now, if you'll just come with me and we will get st-Michiru! You said I was next! [Sweatdrop] Calm down, Usagi, I will get to you after this guest. But you promised! [Jezzibelle suddenly appears out of nowhere] Usagi, leave Michiru alone and let her get on with her work. Besides, don't you have a date with Mamoru tonight to get ready for? But that's what I wanted Michiru to help me with! She knows so much about make-up and stuff! [Blush] [Glares at Usagi threateningly] Heh heh...of course, I bet I could always do it myself...heh heh..bye! [Runs out of the Salon leaving a little dust cloud behind] Cough Cough...It's all yours, Michiru. Thank you, Jezzibelle. [Dissappears to wherever she came from] Well, now that that is taken care of, I can finally get to you! What? You're not ready yet? Well, that's alright! Just look through the magazines and whatnot around here to get an idea of what you want done. Just come find me when you are ready!


Magazine Rack

Sailormoon Paper Dolls


Senshi Makeovers