The Basketball Game of the Century!

The Inner Senshi vs. The Witches 5

Makoto and Rei with a Basketball

Jezzibelle: Hello all! Welcome to our spactaclur gym to witness the basketball game of the century: The Inner Senshi vs. The Witches 5!! Before we bring out the players, I would like to remind everyone to stay away from the glass barriers we stole from the hockey rink specifically for this fight. And now the teams! At one end are the ladies in mini skirts, The Inner Senshi!
[Sailor Moon runs out onto the court, only to trip on her hair and fall face first onto the floor. Sailor Mars runs out next and proceeds to fall on top of Sailor Moon. Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter end up doing the same thing, while Sailor Mercury stands by the pile, embarresed, trying to help them all up.]
Jezzibelle: [sweatdrop] Sigh...umm, anyway, while the senshi untangle themselves, why don't we introduce the challenging team. All the way from their lair under Mugen School, here are the Witches 5!
[The Deathbuster's Theme starts playing in the background as 6 fiqures emerge from the locker room at the other end. As they make their way to the center of the court, the Sailor Senshi finally manage to untangle themselves to meet them there.]
Jezzibelle: Great! We're all set! Now if the referee would just show up we could-
Jupiter: Wait a minute! They have 6 people on their team! That's cheating!
Mars: Yea! Only 5 people play at a time! One of them has to sit out!
Eudial: No way! As you can tell there are 5 witches here! We're not cheating!
[Jezzibelle, the Inners, and the rest of the audience get a sweatdrop.]
Moon: Well, I might not have passed math this year [sweatdrop].....but I know I can count! And I see 6 people there Eudial, not 5! So jut get rid of one of the people....
Venus: ...or we'll do it for you!
Jezzibelle: Now, now....we just had the gym redone....
Pikuroll and Cyprine: But together we're considered 1 witch!
Mercury: But you are two different people, so only one of you should play.
Mimet: But they are our best players! Both of them have to play!
[A giant screaming match ensues between the Inner Senshi and the Witches 5. Meanwhile, Jezzibelle is up in the annoucers booth, taking asprin and trying to fiqure out what to do...]
Jezzibelle: I got it! [Yelling] Hey Mimet! There's a cute famous young man outside!
Mimet, Moon, Venus, and Jupiter: Where? Where?
[These four proceed to run with lightning speed out the door...while the audience, announcer, and the rest of the players look on in embarressment.]
Jezzibelle: THAT'S IT! I'VE HAD ENOUGH! [Runs outside, grabs the 3 Sailor Senshi by their hair, knocks Mimet unconcious with a giant fly swatter, and enters back into the gym] NOW PLAY BASKETBALL!!!!! [Throws the 3 Sailor Senshi onto the court]
[All of the players are stunned..]
Players: Um.....okay...sure......

Jezzibelle: Okay. That's better. Well, it looks like it's between Sailor Jupiter and Tellu for the jump ball. Referee Tuxedo Kamen throws the ball up....and Sailor Jupiter gets it! She's dibbling it down the court toward the Witches 5 basket.....but wait! Sailor Jupiter tripped on some sort of gun....
Jupiter: How did this get here?
Eudial: Ooops, careless me....
Jupiter: Why you little....oh no! The ball!
Jezzibelle: While Sailor Jupiter tripped over the gun, Viluy grabbed the ball! Using a computer program on her laptop, she dibbles the ball down to the other end of the court and sinks a 2-point basket!
Mars: Hey! Isn't that cheating? She's not even touching the ball!
Viluy: We're the bad guys! We're allowed to cheat!
Venus: What?! You will not cheat against this goddess of love and beauty! Take that! [Sailor Venus unleases her Creasent Beam to destroy Viluy's laptop]
Jezzibelle: Hey! I told you: No powers in our newly furnished gym! For that, you have to play in your normal clothes!
[Sailor Venus de-transforms into her normal self]
Minako: What are you doing!? The enemy now knows my true identity!

Jezzibelle: Hey, this is basketball, not a regular episode. Now, play basketball!
[The game resumes...but for times sake....we will fastfoward to the end of the game]
Jezzibelle: Okay, we're down to the last 5 minutes of game time and a 194,233,345 point difference between the Inner Senshi and the leading Witches 5. However, I'm sure that they will be able to come back and win.........[sweatdrop]......I hope...... Anyway, the senshi are breaking out of their huddle, and it looks like they squeezed a plan out of Sailor Mercury....
Moon: Okay team! Let's do it! Umm...what was the plan again?
Mercury: There's not enough time to tell you again Sailor Moon! You'll just have to follow us!
Mars: Yea..and maybe you'll learn something about pay attention instead of drooling over the ref!
Moon: SHUT UP MARS!!!!!!!!
Jezzibelle: Now it's time for the final jump ball.....Referee Tuxedo Kamen throws it up....and Cyprine gets it! But then she passes it to her twin..who passes it back to her...and passes it back again.....
Pikuroll: Well fine then missy! See you try to do something when the only person you know how to work with is your twin!
Cyprine: Are you saying you don't like to work with me?!
Pikuroll: Well it gets kinda annoying when you are refered to as "that other twin"!
Cyprine: Maybe I should just get rid of you so you won't have to!
[As giant power battle begins between the twins, Sailor Moon runs between them and grabs the ball away from Cyprine]
Jezzibelle: Sailor Moon is now runnng down the court, dibbling the basketball and...oh my god...not messing up! The rest of the Inners are following close behind her, and the Witches 5 close behind them! Only 30 seconds are on the clock! The Senshi will never make it in time! But wait a minute! What are they doing?......
[Minako transforms into Sailor Venus]

Jezzibelle: Wait right there Minako Aino! I told you not to transform!!! You're defying your penalty!!
[The senshi ignore Jezzibelle and continue with their plan]
Jezzibelle: oh....crap.....[Ducks under the announcer's desk]
All of the Inner Senshi: SAILOR SLAM DUNK POWER!!!!
[As the ball touches the basket, the entire gym fills with a white light. After a few frighting moments, the light disappears, and the Inner Senshi look around. Everything is completely gone...The Witches 5....Jezzibelle...the audience....and the gym. They look around, dazed from shock]

Mercury: Oh my...
Jupiter: We really out did ourselves this time...
Moon: Not only did we blow away the competition, but everything else as well.[Whining] NOW WE'LL NEVER GET TO KNOW WHO WON!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!
Mars: Oh quit being a baby Sailor Moon!
Venus: [gasp] Hey guys! Look up there!
[All of the senshi look up to see a billboard advertising a big anime store sale]
Jupiter: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go!
Mars: All right!
Mercury: I guess I'll go to....but as long as we stop at a bookstore on the way home....
Venus: I wonder if they have the latest Sailor V manga! I'm dying to know what happens next!
[The rest of the Inner Senshi give a starry eyed Venus very strange looks, and then all of them run off into the setting sun to go buy anime.]

The End

Final Score:
Inner Senshi-Unknown
Witches 5-Unknown